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Domestic Concrete

Home renovation? Need concrete?

We have been supplying domestic customers for a number of years, offering them quality concrete that can be used on all jobs throughout your property.

To ensure no wastage we mix the concrete to your exact specifications, ensuring you get a cost-effective service without the inconvenience of having to know the exact quantities – NO RETURN CHARGES!

Finest Materials

Our domestic concrete is perfect for flooring, foundations and screeds, and can be delivered straight to your property. If you would like a free quotation please contact us today.

Our Concrete

Our domestic concrete is user for the following purposes:

  • Flooring
  • Foundations
  • Screed
  • Foamcrete
  • Concrete pumps available

Housing/Domestic Applications


Designated Concrete

Foundations and associated works
Binding and mass concrete fillC20
Stripped footingsC20
Mass concrete foundationsC20
Trench-fill foundationsC20
General applications
Kerb bedding and backingC10
Drainage works to give immediate supportC15
Other drainage worksC15
Oversight below suspended slabsC15
House floors with no embedded metalC20
– Permanent finish to be added e.g. screed or floating floorC25
 – No permanent finish to be added e.g. carpetedC30
Garage floors with no embedded metalC30
House/garage floors containing embedded metalC30/35
House drives, domestic parking and external parkingRoad mix
Heavy duty external pavingRoad mix